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Sam Reed

The Mainstream Republicans of Washington is a dedicated group of Republican activists, community leaders, elected officials and former elected officials. While we champion the “big tent” and inclusiveness, Mainstream Republicans tend to be socially and environmentally moderate and fiscally conservative. Our group’s origins go back to the first Cascade Conference in 1969, and we formally organized in 1990.

Throughout our state’s history, Republicans have provided forward looking leadership regarding quality public K-12 education, a vibrant high education system, open government, strong fiscal management, social and racial justice, protecting Washington’s unique environment, women’s rights, and successfully fighting federal intrusion into state and local affairs. We have a strong legacy of Washington State Republicans who are¬†qualitatively different than national Republicans.

Our organization is concerned about recent Democratic dominance of our state’s politics and the damage it has done to K-12 and higher education, and to state government overall. It is time for significant change. While mainstream Republican legislators have started with a revitalization of our higher education system and fiscally responsible budgets, much remains to be done.

I urge you to join the Mainstream Republicans of Washington and donate to this good cause. We need citizens who care about the issues and want to make a difference. You will find that the Mainstream Republicans are the vehicle to accomplish this.

We need your personal help to make the Republican Party the majority party it ought to be in the state of Washington.

Yours for our great state’s future,

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Sam Reed, Chair

[Sam Reed served as Secretary of State of Washington from 2001-2013. He retired after 45 years of public service – including 35 as an elected official]