Greetings Friends and Supporters, I hope this issue of our newsletter finds you mulling over your general election ballot which should have arrived in your mailbox within the last couple of days. This election year, though an off year, is very important to the future of our state. In filling out your ballot, keep in […]

As you may recall, I’ve been advocating for a strong voice for all Washington voters during the presidential nominating process by conducting a Presidential Primary. With bipartisan support in both houses, the Legislature budgeted monies for our state to conduct a Presidential Primary in 2016. Unfortunately, we were unable to move our reform bill out […]

SOS: August 18th 2015 Washington is moving forward with plans for a May 24 Presidential Primary in 2016, Secretary of State Kim Wyman said Monday. Wyman has met with the state Elections Division to give the green light for continued implementation of the May Presidential Primary. The important point is that the voters of Washington […]

    Friends, Overall, the 2015 primary election was very successful for the Mainstream Republicans of Washington (MRW). With one unfortunate exception. Most important: MRW endorse candidate Teri Hickel edged the Democratic incumbent for the 30th district House race. If she wins in the general, and she should, the Democrat’s margin in the House will […]

Washington Policy Center  the state’s leading public policy research organization – has compiled five policy recommendations that lawmakers should include in any legislation that is funded by a tax increase, to ensure any new transportation bill improves mobility and serves the public interest. Some of these reform ideas were shared and discussed at the […]

by State Rep. Ed Orcutt Transportation funding is one of the most difficult-to-solve issues in Olympia. Most people agree we need to improve our roads and other aspects of our transportation infrastructure, but there is significant disagreement on how and when to pay for it. The arguments in favor of more investment in transportation hardly […]

    Chris Cargill Eastern Washington Office DirectorA Washington Policy Center Current transportation policy in Washington state perhaps might be best summed up by a recent tweet from the Department of Transportation. Last fall, the DOT told morning drivers traveling southbound from Everett to Seattle to simply go back to bed. The Cascade Conference in […]

An Outstanding Conference Cascade Conferences have been held in Leavenworth many times over the years.A In my opinion, this was the best one ever held there. The highlight was the commemoration of the golden anniversary of when Dan Evans was first sworn in as Governor. After fifty years, he hasn’t lost that dynamic, charismatic style.A […]