The Mainstream Brand

A History of Mainstream Republican Success

For generations, every statewide Republican officeholder has been a Mainstream Republican. Here are the recent ones.


Duane Davidson: Duane is a Washington native. He attended Central Washington University and Bellevue College. He is a Certified Public Accountant and won an impressive election as State Treasurer in 2016 by winning every county in the state of Washington. Prior to that he worked in the office of the Washington State Auditor and as the County Treasurer of Benton County.

Kim Wyman: KimĀ is currently serving her second term as Secretary of State for Washington State. She received her Bachelors degree from California State University, Long Beach and Masters degree from Troy University. Previously, she served as county auditor for Thurston County.

Rob McKenna: Rob is a seasoned politician from Washington State where he served two terms as the Republican Attorney General. He received an education from the University of Washington, where he served as student body president, as well as the University of Chicago Law School. He was previously elected to the Metropolitan King County Council and served as co-chair of the Campaign for Equal Justice.

Sam Reed: Sam is a Washington State native who served three terms as the Secretary of State of Washington. He is a Washington State University graduate. He also served as the Thurston County Auditor and Washington’s Assistant Secretary of State.

Doug Sutherland: Doug is a Central Washington University graduate and formerly worked for Boeing. He sparked interest in local politics and served on the Tacoma City Council, which led to becoming the mayor of Tacoma. He went on to serve two terms as the Commissioner of Public Lands for Washington State, beginning in 2000.