Cascade Conference 2013

This yearas Cascade Conference will ask the important questions about what were the successes and failures of the 2012 election. Then weall ask the even more important questions about how we build a majority party in Washington State for 2014 and beyond.

Registration for the Cascade Conference is now open — and today is a great day to click this link and register.

This year’s conference will tackle two major (and no doubt controversial) topics:

  • What is the current state of the Republican Party’s coalition in Washington State? and
  • How do we attract new voters?

We’ve invited leading libertarian, social conservative and moderate Republicans to speak.

We’ve also reached out to people who’ve left the party, and voters who split their ticket, to understand how and why they vote.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the program will be when we break into groups who will be asked to present workable ideas for Mainstream and the Republican Party as a whole. We’re not going to have you just sit and listen in your chair, we’re asking you to be part of the discussion.

The program is not complete, but it is already very exciting.

Register today and be part of the conversation.

2013 Cascade Conference
May 31 a June 1, 2, 2013
Enzian Inn, Leavenworth



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