The Mainstream Republicans have identified the need for a more appropriate message, medium, and theme in reaching Puget Sound voters increasingly disillusioned with the national GOP. It starts with meeting people on their own geographic and demographic terms, and always aims to accentuate the positive whenever possible.  In the 2016 presidential cycle, MRW successfully broke through among Millennial voters with Washington’s first ever independent expenditure campaign designed exclusively to reach them. In 2017 we undertook an effort to reach voters more broadly, but which once again endeavored to communicate a superior message, in an effective medium, through a relevant theme. In 2018, we have aimed to build on the what we began in the previous two cycles.

Here is the kind of content we aim to deliver.

Aired in 2018

Paul Graves

Keith Wagoner

Kelly Chambers

Chad Magendanz

Mark Miloscia

Rodney Tom

Jim Walsh

Doug Roulstone

Skyler Rude

Rodney Tom

Jenny Graham

Chris Gildon

Randy Hayden

Rodney Tom

Dave Hayes

Aired 2017

Dan Evans

Louise Miller

Tomio Moriguchi

Sam Reed

**No candidate authorized these ads. They are paid for by the Mainstream Republicans of WA. PO Box 98006, Des Moines, WA
98198. Top Five Contributors: George & Bill Weyerhaeuser, Randy Holt, Lawrence Hughes, George Osborne**